Digital Capture Studio

The most critical aspect of a museum quality Giclée is capturing a digital image with resolution high enough to reveal the texture, color variations and emotion of the original work of art.  This requires professional expertise, nuanced lighting and highly specialized equipment. Trust Giclée Fine Art and Photography with your masterpiece and it will be pampered and studio digitized with care and precision.

Best Available Media

We offer the highest quality archival canvas and fine art paper.  We will offer our expertise in selecting media to best replicate or enhance your specific work of art.

Limited Editions

A Limited Edition is a reproduction of an original work of art that is signed and sequentially numbered by the artist.  The total number of prints is limited and each copy is marked with two numbers separated by a slash mark. The first number identifies the particular copy and the second indicates edition quantity.

Best Available Canvas

Giclée Fine Art and Photography offer the highest quality archival canvas and fine art paper.   Our expert staff will assist you in selecting what media best matches and enhances your specific work of art.
Specific media available upon request.

Fine Art Paper

Artist and photographers alike are discovering amazing results, remarkably similar to an actual watercolor and pastel painting.  The possibilities for reproductions to fine art paper are endless.

Photo Paper

Selecting the best finish for your photographs is a very personal choice and your vision is what matters most. The descriptions below of our most popular papers may help you decide or contact us for consultation.